2012 F1 World Championship Round 1 | Australia | Qualifying Excerpts from Saturday at Melbourne

Amongst all sorts of speculation about who’s faster and who’s a dog by one and all, the 2012 season finally got off to a start at Albert Park in Melbourne for the 2012 Australian GP. In the three practice sessions earlier, there had been signs of McLaren and Mercedes GP being at the head of the pack while Ferrari looked mediocre. Red Bull were close to the front but not at the front and most of us thought they were most likely sand-bagging.


By the first part of Qualifying (Q1), it was becoming evident that calling bets would not be easy this time. There were all sorts of surprises being thrown left and right. Kimi’s ouster in Q3 being the most attention grabbing of all. A poorly timed final stint left him out of action after the end of Q1 and the best he could manage was P18 (will move to 17th now after Sergio’s gearbox change 5-place grid penalty). Massa made it through to Q2 by the skin of his teeth and it was not what the scarlet fans had in mind for the weekend.

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2011 F1 Season Review

The year of the flying Bull and the infamous forefinger. 


Another year, another season in the life of F1, another world champion; it was all concluded at Interlagos last week. As usual, there are lots of things to talk about 2011. It was one of the longest seasons in F1 and had the longest race in the 60 year history of the sport – the 2011 Canadian GP.

Its often hard to imagine a season post the Schumacher era where one driver dominated the field the way Sebastian Vettel did this year. Jenson Button started the 2009 season in a similar fashion but it didn’t take long for others to catch up. But this year, not only did anyone hardly manage to catch Vettel, he annihilated the rest of the field almost every single race weekend this year. What happened, how it happened and what’s the secret behind the Vettel steamroller? Read on..

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With great power comes great responsibility..

Formula 1 is a high-risk, high-stake business. The people involved in the various aspects of it are experts in their area of work and that’s the reason they are the chosen ones.

But, as any religious follower of the sport might know, time and again, a number of those experts have been called in to question of their intentions, biases, unfair dealings and unlawful activities. The same logic applies to the journalists of the game too.

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