2011 F1 Season Review

The year of the flying Bull and the infamous forefinger. 


Another year, another season in the life of F1, another world champion; it was all concluded at Interlagos last week. As usual, there are lots of things to talk about 2011. It was one of the longest seasons in F1 and had the longest race in the 60 year history of the sport – the 2011 Canadian GP.

Its often hard to imagine a season post the Schumacher era where one driver dominated the field the way Sebastian Vettel did this year. Jenson Button started the 2009 season in a similar fashion but it didn’t take long for others to catch up. But this year, not only did anyone hardly manage to catch Vettel, he annihilated the rest of the field almost every single race weekend this year. What happened, how it happened and what’s the secret behind the Vettel steamroller? Read on..

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The Bahrain shame and F1

First published on my Facebook profile on Saturday, 04 June 2011. & F1Pulse.com

Okay, so the FIA and Mr E have decided that Bahrain will go ahead and the Indian GP would be pushed to December as the season ending weekend. Whatever that means for the Indian GP, I cannot help but think that this has seriously dented the image of F1 as a sport. There already was enough evidence of criticism towards F1 that it is almost all about money and less about ethics and morality and this decision just takes that thought further into the engraving. Safety issues aside, what answers do the FIA and the old goat have for the human rights’ violations that took place in Bahrain during the protests? Being involved with China has had its share of frowns pointed at F1 and now the Bahrain go-ahead is only going to make that worse.

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