FanVision (formerly Kangaroo TV) quits F1.

Reports suggest that FanVision have ended their ties with Formula 1 following problems in (you guessed it..) contract negotiations with the Formula One group (read Bernie).

As with everything Bernie, it was a money issue. The rather useful handheld device that many fans & team personnel used and loved during a grand prix weekend will no longer be available for Formula 1 services.

Jenson Button with the new FanVision handheld.

The device, while considered by some to be too expensive to buy or hire, was a very reliable and convenient way to keep up with all the action and data during a GP weekend. Although FanVision dropped prices recently, and was also trying to work out deals with promoters to include the units in the ticket price, the consumption among fans was low, albeit improving. But, its now no more. While leagues like NFL and series like NASCAR will continue to enjoy FanVision services, F1 will have to do without it.

FanVision spokeswoman: “As you know we have, for some months, been trying to find the basis of an agreement between FanVision and FOM in order to continue providing the service in F1 in 2013. Unfortunately it is now clear that we are not going to be able to agree terms with FOM and very reluctantly we have to confirm that we won’t be in F1 in 2013. It’s a big blow for us.”

This is the latest addition to a long queue of anti-fan decisions by the F1 group. The 2011 move to paid (dearly) Sky Sports for the British F1 coverage was met with severe criticism and furore from fans and teams alike. Similar moves happened with telecasts in other countries too. That was followed by removal of the free Live Timing app and giving fans only one, paid (dearly again), app. That, unsurprisingly, left even more fans disgruntled. Disappearing European races have already been a major cause for concern.

Where will this end? Well..


2011 F1 Season Review

The year of the flying Bull and the infamous forefinger. 


Another year, another season in the life of F1, another world champion; it was all concluded at Interlagos last week. As usual, there are lots of things to talk about 2011. It was one of the longest seasons in F1 and had the longest race in the 60 year history of the sport – the 2011 Canadian GP.

Its often hard to imagine a season post the Schumacher era where one driver dominated the field the way Sebastian Vettel did this year. Jenson Button started the 2009 season in a similar fashion but it didn’t take long for others to catch up. But this year, not only did anyone hardly manage to catch Vettel, he annihilated the rest of the field almost every single race weekend this year. What happened, how it happened and what’s the secret behind the Vettel steamroller? Read on..

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