Hello there! So you wanna know who the hell I am? Sure. I’m a guy. On the internet. That Al Gore did NOT invent. What else is there to it?

Alright, okay. I’m a guy in my mid twenties (2011), BTech in Electronics, MS in Embedded Digital Systems, trained in film processing and photo printing, professional audio engineer and an amateur photographer.

Now for what I actually do; I’m an electronic dance music producer and audio engineer trying to cut through the ranks (and before you start judging, let me tell you that I also listen to a wide variety of music ranging from classical to classic rock to film scores.)

I’m also an ardent F1 fan (duh!) and write about it regularly. Being a sucker for gadgets and technology in general, I tend to mumble about that a lot too.  And this might not be important, but, I’m also not afraid of Chuck Norris.

These are the things you’ll mostly find on this blog. Its a coming together of all sorts of things that go on around me. Some of those interest me, some amaze me, some I absolutely live for and some that I downright hate (I’m looking at you Bieber).

Whatever I write is mostly my opinion and although I try my best to not mean any kind of offence to anybody (except Bieber), if something does offend you, my apologies prior.

Hope you enjoy your time here and it’s not much of a waste.



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