LIFE – the greatest gift each of us ever received.


verybody has a view of life, how they want it to be, how they always planned it to be and how they are working towards it. I’ve met countless people who are focused on building “the perfect life”. Sounds good and innocent, doesn’t it?

So what is this “perfect life”? What makes it perfect? A good job? A good house? A nice car? A perfect partner perhaps? Maybe.

Some people have all of that, yet when I ask them what’s the one thing they wish they had, the answer, more often than not, is a blank stare or confused silence. I used to wonder why that is? As I went through life myself, trying to follow the norm, the path to the “perfect life”, I unconsciously started to veer away. Day by day, week by week, I began to figure, life is not what most people try so hard to set in concrete. Life is like the beach sand – constantly moving, constantly shifting, changing shapes, dry now, wet later and dry again. It never stays set. The more you try to set it the way you want, the more it rebels and frustrates you by becoming what you didn’t want.
Don’t try to control it, tame it or force it. Let it be. There’s a beauty in how it moves. There’s an element of surprise in it all the time.
You never know what its going to look like after a few hours. That keeps you interested. Build your little sand castle and enjoy building it. Just don’t expect it to be permanent. Nothing is. It won’t be perfect. Nothing is. Perfection is a myth. Life is about this epic journey of randomness & unpredictability, not about the destination. Its in constant motion, all the time. Its a journey. Enjoy the journey, live it with an open mind, take your own path, build your little sand castles along the way and keep moving. The moment you get stuck at one, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment as the castle will get washed away, eventually. Keep moving, build something new, listen to a bird sing and smile. Don’t hang on there too long as the song will stop and the bird will fly away on its own journey. Say your goodbye and keep moving. We as humans have been blessed by the most creative and intelligent minds. Appreciate it and make use of it. Following set paths is an insult to that intelligent mind. Make your own.

Life is really not complicated at all and making your own path is not the Herculean task most think it is. It is, in fact, the most natural thing to do. We’ve been hammered so hard by the rule-bound industrial society that this natural act has been masked and buried. Dig it out. It is inside you. It is inside each one of us. Its liberating, and,  can solve almost all your worries and life issues. Its not bravery, its just life. Live it. That’s all you really need to do. If you can allow yourself to do what comes naturally to you & makes you happy, you’ll never have complaints.

Don’t look to do what others have said you must and you won’t have to find someone or something to blame later. You won’t have to “prove” yourself to others and won’t have to constantly nurture this false bubble of “achievement” when all you’re achieving is stagnation in a pond we call “society”. When most of the fish in this pond get to the same size, they try to find new ways to prove their worth. No one proves anything and all we get is a mess of clashing egos and pointless competition.

Right about then, if you pop the question “..what’s the one thing you wish you had”, you get the blank stare and/or the confused silence we began with.

Life can be really simple yet exciting and satisfying if you only allow yourself to live it.


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