Black & White Formula 1 GP – India 2012

Some fantastic pictures of the 2012 Indian GP by Nikolaz Godet.

Courtesy: Black & White Formula 1 GP – India 2012

Few thoughts about the business of Formula 1.


A new season is upon us and the boffins are hard at work trying to collect every tiny little piece of information from the limited amount of testing allowed by the FIA. Being at the forefront of innovation in one of the most competitive environments on the planet is a tall order for everyone involved in Formula 1, be it the drivers, the engineers, the designers, the mechanics, the strategists, the management or the people in logistics. It’s a hugely well-orchestrated show that commands one of the largest audiences of any sport worldwide.

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With great power comes great responsibility..

Formula 1 is a high-risk, high-stake business. The people involved in the various aspects of it are experts in their area of work and that’s the reason they are the chosen ones.

But, as any religious follower of the sport might know, time and again, a number of those experts have been called in to question of their intentions, biases, unfair dealings and unlawful activities. The same logic applies to the journalists of the game too.

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