The 2012 Indian GP

The 2012 Indian GP is less than two days away and among unanimous praise from all circles of the F1 fraternity, the 2nd edition of the Formula 1 Indian GP looks set to be another major success.

Buddh International Circuit

Among other quotes, some have put the circuit among the like of Spa Francorchamps and Suzuka.

Here’s what Lewis Hamilton thinks:

“The circuit is something of a revelation.”

“Most modern tracks have a very similar feel; you find that the same driving style and rhythm suits them all. But the Buddh International Circuit is different, it has more in common with a great track like Spa than it does with any number of the more modern places we visit.

“And that’s because it’s got an incredible flow – basically, from turn four, a wide-apex right-hander that sweeps downhill, the track is just a series of fast, rolling curves which really allow you to put the car absolutely on the limit. I think we’ll have a car that’s a match for the circuit and I can’t wait to get out there and start practising on Friday.”

Last year’s dominant win and grand chelem have left Sebastian Vettel with a particular liking for the circuit:

“I loved the track layout last year, but not just because I won the race, with an average speed of 235km/h, the course is the second quickest of the year after Monza.”

Ex-Toro Rosso driver Jamie Alguersuari, who scored points here last year, had some very good things to say about the track (while talking to BBC’s Andrew Benson):

“The race was new for last year, a lot was expected of the
event and it delivered.

The layout of the Buddh International Circuit  is one of the best in the championship. It is very high speed, with fast chicanes, and there are good places to overtake. It’s just amazing, really.

We had great racing there last year and I expect a lot from the race this weekend.

One corner stands out in particular. It’s listed on the circuit map as Turns 10 and 11, but actually it is one long right-hander that seems to go on forever.

It’s just fantastic to go through there and feel like the corner is never ending. It’s high speed, in fifth gear, and it’s never easy for the outside front tyre.

After that, there is a fast chicane, left and right. I don’t know of any other tracks that have this combination of corners. It’s one of the reasons why the Indian Grand Prix is so special.”

Its pretty clear what people in the business think about the circuit. First hand reports have suggested that there’s a lot more greenery around the circuit and there’s a lot less dust on the track and around. Some of the incomplete facilities have been completed and everything looks a lot more complete and spick.

Now, all we got to do is wait for the action to begin and breathe in the 2nd dose of Formula 1 this country is about to be administered!

I’ll be there and I’ll make sure I update things moment by moment over the weekend on both Twitter and here. Hopefully, the mobile network coverage would be better this year, it was totally broken last year.

Interesting read:

RicardsF1 visited the Buddh International Circuit earlier this year and they have some nice things to say about how the track and the venue have improved over the past winter.

FEATURE: Visiting the Buddh International Circuit.


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