Hows everybody doing?

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time now, but, after my earlier failed attempt to keep one running, I did not want to do it again until I was sure that I could keep it live and running. Maintaining and blog takes time and effort. Although I’m not at all effort-phobic, the time issue is chronic. I will try my best to keep this thing alive.

Over the past couple years, I’ve written a lot of stuff on all kinds of things from Formula 1 to electronic dance music production to tech & gadgets to the occasional rants about something. I wanted to congregate the recent stuff into one place and I will re-post my recent writings (ones that I can still find that is) and pre-date those. So, you’ll find them after this “About” post.

If you want to follow this blog, select one of the available options to subscribe via email or RSS. If you’ve read my stuff in the past, give me a heads up and add a comment.

I look forward to posting all kinds of interesting thoughts and stuff on this blog and to hearing from you about it too.

Thanks. 🙂