3 annoying things online that you want to hate but somehow can’t.


Yes, its #caturday and those annoying cat photos are back in droves. We all have some things online that annoy the hell out of us. They make us swear silently every time they appear on the screen. But, there are a few things that, despite being god-awfully annoying, are difficult to hate.

Here are the three that enjoy this strange reaction from me:

1. Cat photos.

This might be the most obvious one of the three, evident from the first line of the article.

Now, who hasn’t been subject to the overload of cat photos (gifs included) on social media and photo sharing services like Instagram? They are annoying, everywhere and make you go “not again!” every now and then.

But, no matter how annoying, there has been more than one time when you’ve stopped at a photo and thought “cute thing..”. I know I have. Can’t seem to hate.

2. Certain online ads.

This probably is the most annoying of all things on the internet. Everybody hates pesky ads. Hell, now they’re “promoted” in your news feed on the Facebook home page and elsewhere! Yes, flipping annoying and almost enough to send you on a rage trip. But there’s one particular type of online ads that I’m talking about – online dating sites. Now, hold it before you go “sucker!”. Let me finish.

These dating website ads show up atΒ a lot of places including your cluttered Facebook home page. They’re just as annoying as any other banner ad online, but, there always is an insanely attractive girl on such ads. I stop and take a look. Sure, I never click on it (or 99.99% of the other ads online) but yes, I do take a look. This might not apply to straight girls, but it most certainly does to the rest of us! Lets be honest, these are at least MUCH better to look at than a Starbucks, McDonalds or an online poker ad! Can’t hate as much.

3. Deals and random coupon emails.

You have received a ton of these and most of the time wondered “how in the heck did I get on their mailing list?”. Yes, they just arrive. Somehow.

Most of the time, I just delete and mark these emails as spam, but, every once in a while, I do check one out (especially when I’m bored or have attended to all the other emails in my inbox) secretly wishing that it has something that’s a total steal of a deal for something I want to buy. The result is, of course, disappointment in almost all cases, though I’d admit that I have found the odd deal a couple times which worked out for me.

So, annoying and uninvited but not hated as much as should be.

If you’ve got more, leave a comment and I’ll add them to the article. Now back to the #caturday!



  1. I know that feel. I just want to use a Social media service without having to deal with the flood of ads, now every site I can think of is supported with annoying adfly. But heeeeey, Caturday isn’t that bad 😐 Infact they’re pretty ok considering you have a bad day, they actually give you that “aww” factor


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