Sense 4 on the HTC One X, why it’s so horrendous.

I just went back to stock Sense after having tried CM9 on the One X for a couple weeks. Camera & battery life being the main issues on CM9 at the moment. I will most certainly go back to CM9/AOSP/AOKP after those issues have been worked out.


So, after having spent 2 days on Sense 4.0 this time around as opposed to 2 minutes when I got the device, here are some of the most outrageous things about it (imo) :

1 – Multitasking is so broken that it’s almost a joke.
Example – Almost every Web Page reloads once you switch to and fro between the browser and something else. No, doesn’t matter if it’s Chrome, and stock HTC browser or anything else.

2 – GPU acceleration works when it feels like, especially on graphic-intensive games like Temple Run. Chrome wholly uses GPU rendering and shows the bugs in the current nvidia drivers. Sometimes, webpages load but nothing is displayed until you go out and come back to Chrome or check/uncheck 2D gpu rendering under Developer options.

3 – Contacts/People app is all about gaudy transition animations and poor functionality. Someone should’ve shown HTC what the AOSP People app looks and works like! Contact pictures will scale down to horrible, disfigured, low res crap no matter what you do and what you sync with. Even if you manually add a high res photo to a contact, “Sense” will think that that the crappy low res photo from one of the synced accounts is better! Very smart HTC, very smart!

4 – And what do I say about that massively annoying 3 dot menu bar for legacy apps!! It just makes me wanna gaffer tape that part of the display whenever it appears!
It’s right here under the keyboard while I’m typing this on the WordPress app..

Otherwise, most of Sense 4.0 is just about tolerable. I’d still take AOSP in a heartbeat once the builds are complete with camera and battery enhancements.

And Google, for the love of God, upgrade the resolution of Google contact photos from the laughable 64×64 to something like 300×300 at the very least. Looking at those pictures on a HD display is like watching the first lunar landing tape on a 50″ HDTV!!

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