For better or worse?

Did Formula1 cause abrupt social drift or are the people and local governance responsible for their situation? When did financial uplift become a bad thing? Why blame it on someone who’s bringing in much needed change? If people are unable to handle the largely positive tide, its their fault! No amount of goodwill is ever enough. Demands, no matter how unreasonable, are always unmet. Its always an easy job of finger-pointing at the big firms for grabbing land and destroying communities, no matter how distressed or forgotten the said communities were since time began. Although unfair deals do happen a lot, its not always the case.

Its systemic, in this society, to resist any change, social, academic or economic, for the vested interests of those benefiting from the distress of the distressed.

The following report by Guardian’s Jason Burke evokes a few debates:

India’s Formula One track brings fast living and social disarray to villagers

For better or worse?


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