Qualcomm’s 2.5GHz plans..

Tech never fails to amaze me every other day. After the revolution of laptops almost 15 years ago, CPU technology grew to new heights at regular intervals. But it had never been this fast and breathtaking.
Looking at what mobile CPU SoC technology has become in just over a couple years, it almost seems impossible that anyone could have predicted this rate of development and innovation. Quad core chips are still pretty new technology on desktops and laptops but mobile CPU tech has taken on a whole new definition now. Not so long ago, we had 600Mhz single core processors on smartphones and it amazed one and all.
In just over 3 years, we’re talking about processors almost more powerful than what most mid-range desktops or laptops have today. And its not just one fabricator, its at least four! Qualcomm, Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Samsung, all are trying to be a step ahead of one another and the results are mind-numbing. This is one of the most exciting times in the history of computing technology.


Qualcomm Announces Jump to 2.5GHz for Smartphone CPUs


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